As I write this, it is under 24 hours since horror came to Boston.  Indiscriminate is horror.  Innocents dead.  Athletes maimed.  Innocence lost.  Again.  But I choose not to write about the day that horror came to Boston; I will leave that chatter to the politicians and the pundits and the talking heads.  Today, even as I mourn, as we all mourn, I’ll also meditate on the themes that are dearest to me, and that give me solace.  Love.  Work.  Art.  Life.  Can we go higher?

Our friend, Nenad Bach, the musician and tireless activist for peace in this troubled world, believes we can.

He says, “It is easy to talk love and peace when you’re not hurting, but when the thugs break down your door and kill your children, that’s the moment to rise above.  To go higher.”  After a thoughtful pause, Nenad adds, “When someone knocks on your door with a machine gun it’s usually too late.  What we must do is not preemptive wars, but preemptive peace.”

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