I woke this morning with Linda Ronstadt singing BLUE BAYOU from a dream already dissolving in motes of dust.  We live above a bayou now, shrouded from view by the jungle out back.  It put me in mind of St. … Continue reading

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We saw them first in the back of the garden, busy playing with their mother’s tail, herself little more than a baby. We called her Feral Anne, which suited her, or so it seemed to us. She met both criteria … Continue reading

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Vic was chatting on the phone as I tried not to get agitated, my eyes glued to the TV. The forecasts blared scary warnings, while Hurricane Irma barreled toward the USVI as a potentially catastrophic Category 5 storm. My heart … Continue reading

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On a recent, blazingly hot day, Home Team Productions had the privilege of filming a Navy retirement ceremony at Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Fl.  After 28 years of service, Command Master Chief Pat is hanging up his uniform and stepping … Continue reading

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A POEM (To a Young Child) AND A MOVIE (Margaret)

Staying with the poetry theme from the previous post, the below remarks are from a journal entry written just prior to starting a blog, in 2012, at a time when I insisted on referring to the medium as a “web-log.” … Continue reading

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“DEAR JOHN”: Inspiration From A Stranger

I can barely recall how many years ago it was that I had a fateful encounter with a poet I may never meet. I was running around NYC, trying the acting/theatre thing (as one does at twenty-three or so). One … Continue reading

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