Random Lunacy“Poppa Neutrino has all the characteristics of a man who could have built a fortune,” asserts The New Yorker’s Alec Wilkinson, who is featured in RANDOM LUNACY. Yet the radically itinerant Neutrino’s belief that “rent is the thing that beats us,” caused him instead to choose a homeless existence for himself and his family.

Unencumbered by possessions, save for a video camera kept rolling since the 80’s, he led his “tribe” on a quest for pure freedom and adventure.

“Some people are nomadic by nature,” claims his wife, Betsy. The self-taught family band called THE FLYING NEUTRINOS was literally singing for its supper as it roamed the world, while Poppa’s camera recorded first-hand a life of sleeping in cars, trucks, and on remote beaches, as well as the family’s time spent traveling with a Mexican circus. The rafts they built from street scraps, which they then would live aboard, exemplified their consummate ingenuity. Eventually one such vessel was pitted against the Atlantic Ocean.

Captured on tape — an astonishing portrait of survival outside of conventional society, in a self-created universe with a value system all its own.

RANDOM LUNACY casts a searching gaze on what it means to be marginalized, while at the same time examining what our choices have to do with our ultimate freedom.

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