Fanatic HeartBlack 47 does it their way. This Irish roots rock band has been funky ceili-ing its way into rock and roll history for over two decades now, and it shows no signs of getting tired – or old, for that matter.

Founded in 1989 by the erudite Larry Kirwan (he’s a playwright and novelist, as well as songwriter and droll wit) the band lost no time in finding their way to the pages of Time Magazine by way of the Irish bars of the Bronx. They are the quintessential New York band – they just won’t quit. They’ve already defied the odds; the average life span of a rock band is two or three years, tops. The early days were fueled by a “fury inspired by fear of failure,” and gigs found a dizzily eclectic mix of celebs rubbing shoulders with cops, barmaids, and bookies, in “sweaty, sexy, booze-driven marathons.” Nothing has changed.

Like New York City itself, the band endures, playing over 200 gigs a year nationally and abroad. “There’s a little New Yorker in everyone,” the Irish born Kirwan observes. Black 47 proves it. HOME TEAM PRODUCTIONS is capturing it.

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