The Whitney and the American Indian Community House co-host March Social

We would like to thank all our volunteers, sponsors, and community members who help keep these socials going into the future generations to come.
Article Written by Rick Chavolla, Sasha Wortzel, Sheldon Raymore, with photos by photographer Filip Wolak.
“We thank all of you for being here.  It’s really, really special to us to be in this particular location.”
said Richard Chavolla (AICH Board Chair)
“And we are right back where we started from at this point as a fully volunteer association again keeping these cultural events going thanks to organizations like the Whitney!”
said Francis Grumbly (AICH Treasurer)
The guests watching grand entry with Inter-tribal dancers and Silver Cloud Singers.
It was an evening with elders, youth, allies and adults drumming, singing, dancing in traditional regalia, conversation, sharing of stories, and community building over refreshments.
Some of New York City’s finest Native Americans, First Nations, and Indigenous Artists showcased their works.
AICH has hosted Socials as an integral community building event since our founding in 1969.  Similar to a Pow Wow but smaller, the Social is an extension of a long-standing lifeway among Indigenous people that brings relations and friends from different Tribal Nations together.
The AICH Socials solidify bonds among Indigenous people living in the New York City area who are often far from their original homelands but can also welcome new friendships with guests from diverse communities.  In this spirit, AICH has partnered with many organizations and institutions throughout its history to make a truly inclusive experience.
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